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Copyright : Ivan C. de la Torre
Copyright : Ivan C. de la Torre

My name is Ivan C. de la Torre, I am a graduated and a accredited guide by the French government departments for Culture and for Tourism, and I work basically in Alsace region. 


I am passionate about the history, the traditions and the gastronomy of the Alsace region which is the native land of my mother.


People say that I have a natural gift for languages. I speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Catalan, but I have also some basic knowledges of the German, Alsatian and Esperanto languages.


I did some volunteer guided tours to train me before to go to the university. Speak and exchange with people make me love my trade. Each guided tour is different, and I always learn new things thanks to visitors questions. I like to see its surprising faces when I tell them anecdotes or small stories.

My career

I have a bachelor's degree in Development and Protection of the Cultural Heritage -  Tourist Guide from the University of Strasbourg.


During my second year of my Professional certificate, I was studying in the Strasbourg's Tourism and Hotel High School lycée hôtelier Alexandre Dumas.


Before to get in to the University, I did some guided tours as a tour leader in  organised journeys by a Spanish cultural association, but also city tours in Strasbourg in my free time to improve my skills. 


In September 2016, I entered in Strasbourg University to follow the Professional certificate of Services to the public administration, development and Heritage protection - Tourist Guide. It made me improve my knowledge about Alsatian history, art and other skills but also gave me the chance to study in a magnificent building which belongs to the UNESCO Heritage since 2017. 


I made my internship in the Tourist Office of Belfort, Belfort Tourisme, which allowed me to know a new city connected with Alsace region by its common history, and to improve my knowledge about the military heritage and constructions. 


After graduation, I started working as independent guide to share my passion with visitors of Strasbourg and its region. Its culture, its history, its built heritage that must be known by people. 

Member of the French National Guides Federation
Member of the French National Guides Federation


Guide-conférencier | Tourist Guide

Tél : +33 (0)7 67 04 12 27