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Guide ICT Alsace / Ivan de la Torre invites you to discover Strasbourg, Colmar and its region, Alsace, enjoying the professional services of a Qualified Guide.
This section is only intended for Tour operators, Travel agencies & other companies, education centres and associations. For private visitors, please visit the following section.
Discover the city/region along with a Qualified Guide who knows perfectly this land and will share his passion for it with you. This is the best plan for your next travel to Alsace region! You will have an unforgettable experience, enjoy your trip and learn new information about our culture, history and traditions, everything with a little touch of humour. 
Customise your tour(s) with the help of your Tourist Guide by E-mail before your trip. You decide what do you want to visit, the timings, the duration of the tour(s), etc., or you can inform the guide about your points of interests and let him work. It is the best option to discover the Alsatian land with your family, friends, work colleagues or during a cruise/tour-operator travel. 
Below, you will find the fees for these tours in Strasbourg or in Alsace region:
€ 110
€ 150
€ 190
€ 200
€ 300
€ 20
€ 40
 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours

Half day

(4 hours)

Full day

(8 hours)

½ Extra hour

 1 Extra hour

* These rates include VAT for: companies/organizations based in France for tax purposes.

** These prices are excluding taxes for: companies/organizations based in the EU for tax purposes (excluding France) with a VAT number for intra-EU transactions (otherwise 20% French VAT will be invoiced on these prices); companies/organizations based in third countries in the EU as well as in third European territories.

Applicable fees on weekdays, Sundays, and public holidays for groups from seven people for direct bookings with the guide in writing. These rates are also applicable for the tourism professionals & schools (max. 40 people).

The rates do not include

  • the admission fees in the visited museums or monuments.
  • the meal of the guide during a full day service; they must be paid by the guest or invoiced by the guide (€ 15).
  • the travel fees for the guide/group.
  • the means of transport for the achievement of the services; transport must be supplied by the guest.

Payment Terms

The payment of services must be made in euros (€), at the latest on the day of the service:

  • in cash;
  • by bank transfer.
  • Cheque/Check payment is not accepted.

The guide has the right to establish other conditions vis-à-vis its recurring customers.

Suggested Tours

Walking Tour Strasbourg
Little France, Strasbourg

Old Town of Strasbourg

Discover the heritage of the medieval town of Strasbourg, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Stroll in the narrow streets and find out the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre Dame), a jewel of the Gothic architecture, and then take a look to the half-timbered houses of the Petite France area.

Walking Tour Colmar
Little Venice, Colmar

Old Town of  Colmar

Old town of the former Alsatian Federation (1354-1679),  the city of Colmar has a rich heritage that shows the richness of that period.

Discover the the imposing town houses, the half-timbered houses of the Little Venice and the birth house of Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of Statue of Liberty.

Walking Tour of the German district
Republic Square (Kaiserplatz), Strasbourg

German district of Strasbourg

The German district of Strasbourg is the last example of German period in Western Europe. In this district you can find some nice administrative buildings, churches, schools, universities and apartment blocks with different architectural styles. All of these constructions were made under the German Empire (1871-1918).

Walking Tour of the European District
European Parliament, Strasbourg

European Quarter of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the 2nd diplomatic city in France. It had been a "trophy city" between France and Germany for centuries, and that's why we choose the city as a capital city for the reconciliation of European countries.

Visit the European Parliament with Guide ICT Alsace (groups from 10 to 50 people).

Tour in the Wine Route of Alsace
Rue du Général de Gaulle, Riquewihr

Alsace's Wine Route

The Alsace region has an important vineyard that stretches over 15,000 hectares and that hides the most beautiful villages of this area. Feel the medieval ambiance in the narrow streets with the traditional half-timbered houses and taste our wines, the most aromatic wines in France, thanks to our soils and climate.

Walking Tour of the Hospital with wine tasting Strasbourg
Main building of the Hospital, Strasbourg

Civil Hospital of Strasbourg

The Civil Hospital of Strasbourg stretches over 23 hectares.It is an autonomous city inside Strasbourg, with its own streets, squares, monuments and main buildings.

Among the buildings we find the cellar of the hospital that protects the oldest white wine of the world, dating back to 1472.